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Best Commercial Mixing Tools

Jun 24

Commercial mixers are used to prepare, blend or stir ingredients before they’re poured into a recipe. Liquid formulations, food ingredients, coatings and chemicals are often blended in batches that are then stored or distributed to a job site. Intermediate bulk containers or IBC totes are convenient for transporting these products as they have a cubic shape that makes them easy to maneuver with a forklift. A tote-specific EvenMix New Location, such as Even Mix Mix-A-Tote, converts these storage vessels into mixers with a simple, safe and effective design.

Choosing the right mixer for tote mixing depends on the product’s density and viscosity. Higher-density mixtures and thicker doughs require a mixer with more power and a stronger motor than lighter mixtures.

If the product is a liquid, an industrial mixer with a powerful blender blade or paddle is best for blending or stirring. These models are designed to handle a variety of viscosities, from water to heavier formulations like paint or epoxies. A direct-drive mixer with a single mixing impeller provides adequate agitation for low viscosity fluids, but high-viscosity liquids will require multiple larger diameter impellers to maximize agitation through a six-inch opening.

A spiral or planetary mixer, on the other hand, is a great choice for foodservice operations that spend long hours mixing and kneading doughs. These machines rotate an attachment as they work, which minimizes heat input into yeasted doughs and allows bakers to mix longer for maximum gluten development without overworking the dough.

Other specialized dough-centric mixers include fork mixers, which operate similarly to spiral models and are typically found in Italy and France. These gentle forms of mixing resemble the motions of kneading by hand and produce minimal heat, making them the ideal choice for yeasted doughs and bread recipes.

A flat beater, or a dough hook, is ideal for mixing batters for pancakes and cakes, and also works well in mashing potatoes or shredding vegetables or ground meat. A wire whip, or pastry knife, mixes thin doughs and batters as well and can also create whipped toppings and frosting. A meat grinder is ideal for preparing or grinding meat and is also a valuable tool in a commercial kitchen.

Even Mix carries a full line of tote tank mixers for a variety of industries. These devices offer a simple and safe way for growers, ag retailers or chemical wholesalers to perform mixing processes in IBC storage tanks that are otherwise inconvenient to access with a traditional mixer. These tote tank mixers, also known as tote agitators, feature an innovative design that allows users to mount the mixing equipment in the bottom of a tote and then use a telescoping agitation arm to easily reach all sides of the container for thorough mixing. This unique design, which uses a gear-driven assembly instead of a belt system, eliminates the potential for drive system slips and stuttering that can occur when a belt system is used. The mixers are available in economy models as well as more feature-packed deluxe units.

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