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Onion Sites Offer Users a Different Search Experience

May 12

The darknet markets are used by clients to publish info without fear of censorship, buy and sell anything from weapons to drugs, and anything in-between.

However, I advise connecting to a VPN ahead of time so that your internet traffic is encrypted against anyone who may be monitoring you on the Dark Web.

These are distinct from standard online markets in that they prefer bitcoin payments and utilize Tor to keep their identification safe.

Sites can't function without Tor, so they're only accessible through I2P networks, which makes them truly black market in nature because there's no way to verify who you deal with on these sites or what your specific order may include.

According to Hack Read, '...some sites on the dark web may have malware that can infect your computer and steal information.' With the continuing rise in popularity for surfing websites that aren't readily discoverable through basic search engines, there has been an increase in users utilizing onion links. These unique Internet addresses are not accessible with a regular browser and must instead be accessed using specialized software such as Tor or I2P networks. That said, there are sites like, which provide links to these sites.

The dark web, like the surface web, uses powerful software to crawl the dark web and index all of the data discovered. These search engines provide a search engine interface through which you may locate that information.

Are you concerned about privacy issues and anticompetitive business practices, or maybe you're just looking for new online search choices, why not check out some onion links instead?